Down the rabbit hole 

Making the move into Bitcoin is a big step, but you can take it at a slow pace.

Before making any type of investment, it's crucial to do your own research to get a good sense of your goals and the potential risks that could present themselves along the way. Personally, I don't approach Bitcoin as an investment as one might invest in stocks. In my view, moving into Bitcoin is making the transition to a new way of organizing global prosperity, as part of a larger effort to meet the needs of the age we live in.

There are countless ways you can buy Bitcoin: on a peer-to-peer basis, from specialized merchants, over the counter and on spot markets. Once you've bought your initial Bitcoin, you might want to withdraw your funds into a cold or mobile wallet, or instead, you might be interested in placing your funds in a savings account, to accrue interest. More sophisticated traders might hedge against their position or magnify their exposure with derivatives products or seek indirect exposure in the form of ETFs or similar structures. 

Generally speaking, there are many great exchanges and platforms out there. Some of these focus on offering a rich array of altcoins, others specialize in derivatives. Naturally, I will use this page to introduce AAX, not just because it's my own exchange, but also because the exchange offers everything from fiat on and off ramps, spot and futures markets, to high yield savings products on a range of crypto assets. 

About AAX

AAX was founded in early 2018, right after Bitcoin had hit its then then monumental all-time high at $20,000 USD. The exchange was built in anticipation of the next phase of adoption, which would see institutional investors enter the space.


Understanding what this meant in terms of regulatory requirements around market integrity, infrastructure and compliance, AAX was the first crypto exchange to deploy LSEG Technology's matching engine, the same technology at the heart of London Stock Exchange and other tier-one exchanges.


We went live on November 2019.

Grow your knowledge

Especially if you're new to Bitcoin, it's good to check out AAX Academy for a continuous stream of ever-green, simple-to-understand educational content in English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. The Academy provides insights into the industry, examines various tokens, but also offers product tutorials and in-depth explainers around technical analysis and strategy. 

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