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“Just as the laws of physics held within them the possibility of gems, oil and precious metals – fine art even – so, within the perfect balance of mathematics we find the possibility of Bitcoin."


Ben Caselin draws on years of international experience, holding various leadership roles in the bitcoin space and digital assets industry in Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates, as well as being involved in numerous empowerment initiatives across Europe. Before embarking on his professional path, he conducted ethnographic research in The Gambia, West Africa, and the United Kingdom, focusing on the interplay between modernity, secularism, and religious pluralism. Caselin's industry insights have been widely published in top-tier media outlets, and he is a regular speaker at global conferences. Academically, he earned a Bachelor of Music from Fontys University of Applied Sciences, graduated cum laude with a BSc in Cultural Anthropology from Utrecht University, and received his MSc in Global Migration Studies with distinction from University College London.

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