“Just as the laws of physics held within them the possibility of gems, oil and precious metals – fine art even – so, within the perfect balance of mathematics we find the possibility of Bitcoin."


Ben on #BTC

Ben Caselin is Vice-President Global Marketing and Communications at AAX with a focus on Research and Education. AAX is the first crypto exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology and the first to make the switch to a Satoshi Standard. AAX's mission is to help to ground digital assets in the real world and bring the benefits of sound money to everyone. 

Drawing from experience in social and cultural anthropology, development work and the crypto space, Ben develops insights into Bitcoin to drive overall awareness and advance discourse, especially around the topic of bitcoin adoption in emerging markets. He is also a working member of Global Digital Finance (GDF), the industry body dedicated to driving the acceleration and adoption of digital finance. 


More than a collection of works, this site aims to be a workspace for thinking about what it really means to transition to a society powered by bitcoin and digital assets. 

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