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“I believe it’s important that we bear such early iterations of value in mind, especially as we move to contemplate money as a marker of worth, to remind ourselves that at the core, underneath all the layers, and all the financial jargon and the noise of economy, it’s about human connection, dignity and honoring each other’s worth."

About this book

In ‘Landscapes of Value’, Ben Caselin explores the concept of value amidst an era of accelerated change and increasing division. This concise, yet powerful book offers a fresh perspective on value, unburdened by reservations, as it traces the origins and evolution of this complex idea.


From early gift economies to the digital era, Caselin traces the threads of worth through history, embracing themes such as religion, modernity, art, and knowledge. Once the scene is set, this volume then takes to unchartered territories, exploring the realms of privacy, space exploration, advanced technologies, the future of community, and our own mortality. Through a seamless integration of philosophy, anthropology, and religious literature, as well as economics, ethics, and technology studies, and furthermore enriched through an array of personal anecdotes, Caselin tells a story that illuminates the substance of value, locates common grounds, and is bound to stimulate further contemplation in your own intellectual journey.

Please note, this book is not intended for sale. The contents will be shared on the blog over the course of 2023-2024. There are, however, a limited number of hardcopies available. In case of interest, feel free to reach out. 

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